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More than a Shop, for buying pipettes:

Your expert for pipette calibration

In the Shop of Ulrich Scientific Lab UG researchers, laboratories, science-orientated teachers and other customers may find high-quality dispensers, centrifuges and pipettes – as well of any well-known manufacturers e.g. Eppendorf Pipettes. Additionally, we also provide a pipette calibration as well as a competent repair service for any interested party.

Pipette service - Calibration and repair

Working scientifically means working precise and accurate. This applies to liquid handling as well. Correctly adjusted laboratory equipment, which are used for handling liquids (such as multichannel pipettes, dispensers or repeaters), is the highest percept. As an expert in this area, Ulrich Scientific Lab performs this service in its own lab or as on-site service – orientated to the given requirements and needs.

Our service portfolio comprises a calibration according to:

  • DIN ISO 8655-6
  • as specified by the manufacturer
  • as specified by the customer.

In the process the specification adhere to ISO/IEC 17025.

On top of our pipette service we do provide a repair service for any well known pipette manufacturer – this is a key feature to ensure the equipment’s functionality – such as a multichannel pipette. The calibration service comprises:

  • cleaning
  • greasing / oiling of the piston
  • exchanging faulty components
  • leak test
  • calibration.

If a repair respectively an exchange of components is necessary the customer will be informed in advance.

Pipettes and accessories for diverse requirements

The range of products provided by Ulrich Scientific Lab UG includes several single channel pipettes, multichannel pipettes, electronic pipettes, dispensers, peristaltic pumps cleaning devices and centrifuges at considerably good prices. On top of this, we stock a lot of essential accessories, like Pipette tips, filtered tips, Syringes and serological pipettes

Capp ApS at Ulrich Scientific Lab

Ulrich Scientific Lab is the German dealer of the Danish laboratory equipment manufacturer Capp ApS. Thereby we can supply a complete portfolio of laboratory devices and accessories which are used for liquid handling – starting with centrifuge tubes and multichannel pipettes up to the LiquidMaster.

To satisfy oneself of the quality of our products, we may provide you with test equipment and samples. Please do not hesitate contacting us!

Whether you like buying a pipette, looking for calibration or needing a repair service: Ulrich Scientific Lab UG is your expert and reliable, loyal and faithful partner.